Happy Tails

Sometimes we are asked: "Why do you guys run a pet rescue?" The best answer to this question is these pictures and stories below.
When even one dog finds a new home our world becomes little bit better…

These are the photos of dogs, which were saved by Clover Run Rescue, that adopters – people like you, send us and the stories about how our

adopted Tails live Happily Ever After

Clover Run Rescue Twila Then Clover Run Rescue Twila Now
Twila is a 1 1/2 yr old girl. She was abandoned in a shelter with a skin infection due to allergy to fleas. She has been groomed and deflead and her hair is growing back. Twila is coming around.
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that Twila is doing great! We celebrated her birthday on Monday with a cake from Pet Pleasers bakery. She's a joy and we couldn't have asked for a more perfect addition to our family. Thank you again for all that you do!
Clover Run Rescue Sherbet Clover Run Rescue Sherbet Adopted
She is doing very well and is having fun exploring her new yard and is sweet as can be!
Buckley aka Bucky
Clover Run Rescue Bucky Then Clover Run Rescue Bucky Now
Then Now
Tiny aka Nick
Clover Run Rescue Nick Clover Run Rescue Nick Adopted
Bandit aka Spike
Clover Run Rescue Bandit Then Clover Run Rescue Bandit Now
Spike is a 6 yr old purebred Chihuahua. He was abandoned at a shelter. Spike is extremely lovable and friendly. He loves to be held. He weighs 4 lbs. Spike wants a secure home his second time around.
Bandit (Spike immediately became Bandit) is the best dog ever. Just to see him smiling improves my mood right on the spot. I can talk hours and hours about him: how smart he is. He knows a lot of tricks: to Sit, to fetch... He understands 2 languages already... He knows how to turn on the foot massager when he wants me to pick him up. And he knows how to turn it off if he sees I am coming to pick him up. He always is in a great mood - happy and smiling. Bandit often is laying on an a/c vent, when the warm air is blowing. Like a little homeless dog. No wander - he was a stray, before you rescued him. And you would never say he is a 7 years old - this dog is such an active and ready to play companion. As I already have mentioned, I can talk hours about Bandit, but it will be better if I just send you a sonet dedicated to Bandit, which my son wrote, when he was asked at the school to write a poem.

(Sonnet 13.0 almost by Shakespeare)

(Dedicated to Bandit)

My doggie's far from winning any show
Straw lines his skin like something that was shred
He snores so much my little home will know
That he is sleeping in his comfy bed

His famous vision is another story
With one eye crying and another blind
He is always running for some glory
But so clumsy he often stays behind

Because he eats without ever stopping
He is heavy like a bag full of rocks
If there is a fight, his eyes are popping
He is so brave that he could fight an ox

Among the whole wide world I want to share
Claiming he is the best is simply fair

Bandit 5 years later
Clover Run Rescue Bandit and Val 5 years later Clover Run Rescue Bandit and Viktor 5 years later
Sasha aka Little Stuart
Clover Run Rescue Sasha Now Clover Run Rescue Sasha Adopted
Sasha - is everyone's favorite! No one is able to resist this little charmer. You have to see how some of our guest, when coming to our house, start to hug and literally kiss Sasha, despite of long term allergy conditions. Sometimes some our guests spoil him so much, that they allow him on the table! Can you imagine that? I try to protest and what do you think, everybody start to excuse him, saying that it's OK, Sasha is such a baby, and Sasha is so little, and Sasha is so sweet and etc. and etc... And Sasha has a perfect temperament: he is nice with everybody - dogs, people, and even little kids. Not the behavior of a small size Chihuahua I would say. I really thank you, guys, for rescuing Sasha and giving me pleasure to have this little kid in our family.
Sasha 5 years later
Clover Run Rescue Sasha and Val 5 years later Clover Run Rescue Sasha and family 5 years later
Clover Run Rescue Pogo Adopted Good Morning: Thought you might like to see a new picture of little Pogo. He is doing well and is not a bit spoiled "-)
Clover Run Rescue Sundance Adopted Clover Run Rescue Sundance family
Clover Run Rescue Sundance Happy Tails Kathy,
Attached are the DNA results for our dog, Sundance. Thank you for suggesting we do this - we were so excited and a bit surprised at the results!! I have attached pictures of her and us to "jog" your memory... and if her sister ever comes back to PETSMART for shots, etc. will you please pass on this information plus our contact info!! We would love to know what her sister is like!! Thanks so much!!
Clover Run Rescue Sundance DNA test
Clay aka Joker
Clover Run Rescue Clay Then Clover Run Rescue Joker Now
Clay is a year and a half old purebred Siberian Husky. Clay weighs 49 lbs. He was picked up as a stray. Clay does not jump fences like many huskies. He gets along with other dogs of all sizes. Clay is friendly and is looking for a great home.
Just dropping ya a quick line and photo to update ya on Clay aka Joker.He finally filled out wonderfully and continues to be the perfect addition to our family, thank you so much. He and the others enjoyed the brief snow we got. :)
Clover Run Rescue Ritz Then Clover Run Rescue Ritz Now
Look at this little foxie! Isn't he just adorable?
His name is Ritz and he is an 18 months old Chihuahua - Poodle Mix.
Maybe he doesn't look exactly like a prince charming, but without question, he is a cutie and he has a big, loving heart...
Look at Ritz. Just hanging out with his baby. He loves the outdoors. Still has a little bit of cough, but going back to vet for another checkup tomorrow so we can look more into it. He's so happy, though. He goes EVERYwhere with us. Loves lowes and pikes nursery. :-)
Update you later. Hope your other adoptions are going good.
Deja aka Colbie
Clover Run Rescue Deja Then Clover Run Rescue Colbie Now
Deja is a charming German Shepherd Mix. She is 1.5 years old, still a puppy, which is ready to jump, run and play. She is tireless and would love to have a lot of exercises. So, if you like sports and outdoors and are looking for a dog to be your playmate, Deja is a perfect dog for you...
We just wanted to give you an update on Deja aka Colbie.
She is definitely part of the family now. We couldn't have asked for a sweeter dog. I can't imagine our home without her. Thank you for all that you've done.
Bumble Bee
Clover Run Rescue Bumble Bee Then Clover Run Rescue Bumble Bee Now
Bumblee Bee is only 8 wks old and just adorable. He is from a breeder who had a health problem. He came with his sister Cherry and is looking for a good home....
As I promised when I adopted Bumble Bee here are some pictures of him.
He is happy as can be and very spoiled. He even has a friend to play with as we rescued another dog.

Clover Run Rescue Bumble Bee Now He is now the model for my friends company. She makes scarves, dog treats etc. You will see the scarf around his neck that has bumble bees on it in the picture of a lady holding him which is my mom. I hope you enjoy them.
Sincerely Kim
Zac aka Johny
Clover Run Rescue Johny Then Clover Run Rescue Zac Now
Johnny - little baby, cute as a button. You will not believe this sweetest cutest baby dog you can imagine, had a real bad skin problem in past!
Poor Johnny was surrendered to a shelter by his owner, because he had severe mange and had lost almost all his hair. The owner wasn't willing to pay for the treatment, so he decides to give Johnny to a shelter, even knowing that for Johnny this for sure means death. Luckily for this puppy we were there and were able to pull him from death row......
I just wanted to give you an update on our sweet boy...he is doing wonderfully! He is already housetrained and can sit and stay and heel. He is a wonderful addition to our household.

Thank you for rescuing him...he is perfect!
Wicket aka Roro
Clover Run Rescue Roro Then Clover Run Rescue Wicket Now
His name is Roro and he is a charming Schnauzer mix about 6 months old.
And Roro looks just like Roro - very special style, just his own. His previous owner was evicted... This is how Roro came to us.
And Roro immediately won everybody. Because he is such a nice and sweet young kid.
His loving heart is open to everybody: dogs, kids, adults - doesn't matter for him. He loves all living creatures!
Roro would be an excellent dog for any family with or without children, young or an older couple...
This is Wicket (formerly Roro).
He's named for the Ewok messenger in Star Wars. He's doing quite well.

He's made it through teething and is now just a playful puppy. He loves everyone!
He just got a haircut to keep him cool in the Georgia summer heat.

He's the perfect puppy!

Sleeping Wicket Now
Clover Run Rescue Sleeping Wicket Now
Sleepy Wicket Now
Clover Run Rescue Sleepy Wicket Now
Clover Run Rescue Gypsy Now
It has been three years since we adopted Gypsy and I just thought that I would give you an update on her. She has her RN, CGC, and has just passed her therapy dog test and we are waiting for comformation on it so she can begin visiting. She loves to do rally and we will be working on the next level this fall. She got her 3 legs for her first title in 3 tries!

Diane Farrar-Sanderson: TDInc, Hospice of Tri-County volunteer, Tuomey Hospital Pet Therapy volunteer, NRE flyball team, GCOC member, Gracie - FM, TDInc (50), Gypsy- RN, CGC
Georgia aka Adel
Clover Run Rescue Georgia Now
Hello Everyone,
I just thought I would drop you a line to let you know Georgia (formerly Adel) is doing wonderful.

We couldn't have asked for a more precious dog to be so lucky to find.

I've attached a picture of her cruising in her booster seat. I can't tell you how many smiles and finger pointing I get every day! She's quite a character.

Thanks for all that you do!

Clover Run Rescue Gizmo Then Clover Run Rescue Gizmo Now
Gizmo is another victim of the economic crisis - his family recently lost its house and because of that Gizmo lost everything: home, family and security in his life.
He was raised from a puppy and he had enjoyed his life with a caring and loving family. His owner was crying when he had to give up Gizmo.
The owner kept saying what a great dog Gizmo is - the baby of the family, always sweet and calm very smart and friendly. Gizmo is incredibly well socialized - he likes kids and get along with other dogs. He is completely house broken. And on the top of that Gizmo is such a cute dog!...
Gizmo is the best dog ever. He is so much fun, he is the best cuddle bug, and he is so well-behaved.
He has hilarious habits that make all of us laugh.
Our entire family loves him, he is spoiled!
Cuddle Bug Gizmo Now
Clover Run Rescue Cuddle Bug Gizmo Now
Happy Gizmo Now
Clover Run Rescue Happy Gizmo Now
Spoiled Gizmo Now
Clover Run Rescue Spoiled Gizmo Now
Lynx aka Lynks
Clover Run Rescue Lynks Then Clover Run Rescue Lynx Now
Lynks was found wandering the streets and was taken to a shelter.
Now he is doing great and can not wait to find his loving forever home. Lynks has a beautiful very unusual color coat and is a real beauty.
He is a friendly, quiet, and is a very intelligent dog and enjoys the company of people and dogs of all sizes.
Lynks is very loyal, loving and sweet creature, not hyper at all! He will make a great companion and a real friend for any sized family!...
Just wanted to send you a few pics/update on Lynx (Lynks) - after we got him cured of a GI infection and tapeworm, he really perked up!

We're about to move from NW FL to MD and Lynx (+ previous FL rescue from '07, Lacy [also in photos]) will be along w/ us the whole way.

Brad & Jen
Clover Run Rescue Lynx with his best friend
Life is good!
Clover Run Rescue Lynx life is good
Randy aka Brock
Clover Run Rescue Brock Then Clover Run Rescue Randy Now
Brock is a 3 mos. old sheltie puppy.
He is very energetic. Brock will need an active family. Sheltie's need grooming and exercise....
We adopted Brock a 3 month old Sheltie puppy in Nov 2008, he was renamed Randy. We loaded up the two papillons and took a road trip up to Alanta to pick him up. He just turned 2 the first of August.

We wanted to share how beautiful he is and what a smart and loving dog he turned out to be.
Randy is not spoiled!
Clover Run Rescue Randy Is Not Spoiled
Happy Family
Clover Run Rescue Randy's Happy Family Now
He loves walks and we try to do 2 to 3 miles most days. Frank ordered a backpack for dogs and we fill it with ice packs and water bottles...it has Randy the Waterboy on the side...he thinks he is important when he wears it. He doesn't seem to understand that he is a Sheltie he loves to get into water or muddy ponds and will just lay down . Because of the heat we have a children's pool waiting filled with water and Randy and Rikki (the male papillon) do not even break stride coming home from the walk...into the pool they go.

He loves to be brushed and will go to sleep while being groomed. He has decided that he likes to drink running water so I will hear him in the shower stall begging for the shower head to be lower and turn on...he's not spoiled! He loves to play ball and his favorite place in the back yard is under the gardenia bushes.
Randy with his friend
Clover Run Rescue Randy With His Friend
Just relaxing...
Clover Run Rescue Randy's Just Relaxing
We would love to see what his two sisters and mom look like (they were adoped the same day by one family) if they are in contact with you, please give them our e-mail address.

Hershey aka Ike
Clover Run Rescue Ike Then Clover Run Rescue Hershey Now
Ike is a happy boy, bursting of life. He is an energetic 6 months old Chesapeake Bay Retriever Dog Mix.
Ike was found as a stray and brought to the shelter, where we rescued him.
And judging by his happy disposition and endless energy, you could tell that this dog wasn't abandoned. Quite the opposite - he was definitely loved and spoiled. Apparently he got lost and wasn't able to find his way back to home.
Ike still thinks that this big world is full of joy and happiness. Please, don't let him be disappointed...
Hershey (Ike) is a 6 month old, 26 lbs puppy whom we adopted on August 14, 2010.
He is a Doberman, German Shepherd, Australian shepherd, Border collie, Chesapeake bay retriever, and Black lab mix. We found all this out when we went to the vet.
Hershey is an extremely well behaved puppy because Clover Run Rescue was the best choice when we were ready for our newest member of the family.
We love him very much and we know that he loves us, too!
Clover Run Rescue Maggie Then Clover Run Rescue Maggie Now
Maggie was abandoned and brought to animal control. She is scared and shy right now....

I wanted to let you know that I am happy and adjusting perfectly in my new home! I am the princess!
We love her to pieces! Thank you so much!!
Annie aka Anniston
Clover Run Rescue Anniston Then Clover Run Rescue Annie Now
Anniston, isn't she gorgeous? This little girl was found as a stray. Definitely she was a beloved and spoiled puppy in somebody's house, who just got lost and wasn't able to find her way back. Now she is waiting for her new family. And without a question she will find it really soon, because she really deserves it.
Anniston is a charming Shih Tzu mix about 1 year old. She is a real cuddle bug. This cute-as-a- button-dog is very friendly and calm. She likes to hug with you and to spend all her time lying in your lap.
Anniston is great with other dogs and is not aggressive at all. She has great manners and she is just beautiful dog...


We just wanted to follow up with a couple of photos of "Anniston" a.k.a. "Annie". She has been the best little dog!
She is so sweet with our three children and has even made pals with our two cats. She has fit right in like she's been with us for years. She has a really playful side that we have also enjoyed. She loves going on walks, on golf-cart rides and visiting the dog park here in Peachtree City.
We are so glad we found Annie. We love her very much!!
Annie and Her Family
Clover Run Rescue Annie with her family
the Poohs aka Victor, Tarzan and Cinco
We 3 Poohs
Clover Run Rescue Victor, Tarzan and Cinco Now
* In the picture left to right...Indie, Murphy and Farley.
So it has almost been a full year since we adopted Murphy and Farley (formerly Victor
and Tarzan) and it has been 6 months since we got Indie (formerly Cinco),
so we thought we would let you know how we are all doing and say
Hey! to Clover Run!
The boys could not be happier and more spoiled bunch of puppies!
They all get along great especially Farley and Indie...they are side kicks and love to chase each other around all day. Murphy is the cuddly one and just needs a lap and he is all set! They all have their pillows lined up in the living room and they like to settle down at night together. We sent you a picture of them to show you them hanging out doggie style.
(We call them the Poohs....short for the Pooh Bears.)

Thank you for blessing us with such wonderful dogs. They truly are our babies!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
From - Meryl, Aaron, Murphy, Farley and Indie
Trixie aka Laya
Clover Run Rescue Laya Then Clover Run Rescue Trixie Now
Laya is almost 4 mos old and she weighs 12 lbs.
we think she is a min pin/shep mix.
She is energetic and full of love.
Laya was in the shelter where her previous owner abandoned her.
Please email for an application...

Dear Tom & Kathy,

We have changed Laya's name to Trixie. We just wanted to share a few pics of her and Austin with you. You will see two pics of them together, one with her paws on his chest, and the other one she is looking up at him. That was the first time that they met each other. Trixie was a Christmas present for Austin and he adores her. She has been a great addition to our family.
If yall ever get a basenji let us know a.s.a.p., because we would be inerested in adopting him/her.
Thanks Again,
Christmas present for Austin
Clover Run Rescue Trixie was a Christmas present for Austin
Austin and Trixie
Clover Run Rescue Trixie and Austin
Great Addition To the Family
Clover Run Rescue Trixie Great Addition To the Family
Clover Run Rescue Bugsy Then Clover Run Rescue Bugsy Now

Bugsy is such a graceful and delicate creature; you wouldn't believe that this kind of dog was at a shelter without a loving home...
Bugsy was turned in to a shelter because her owner could no longer care for her. She is confused and is not sure what's going on, but still, she is trying to adjust in her difficult environment.

She just needs a very special person, who will make a miracle in Bugsy's life. This person will open his/her heart and home to Bugsy and Bugsy will respond with endless love and loyalty...
What joy this little lady has brought us!
We never thought adopting an older dog would be so wonderful.
Bugsy has adjusted very well.
She came right in and acted like she owned the place.
She is pictured here with her sleeping buddy Grant!
Thanks Clover Run for all you do and
thanks for our precious Bugsy!!!
Maverick (now Teddy) & Danny
Clover Run Rescue Maverick Then Clover Run Rescue Danny Then

Maverick was brought to the shelter by his owners. He is a year old and calm but playful and well mannered.
He is about 35 lbs....


Danny - this darling Corgie and Shepherd Mix, is always happy and wagging his tail! He is about 2 years old. He was found wandering the streets and was taken to a shelter. Now he is doing great and can not wait to find his loving forever home. Danny has a very special look and is a real handsome boy.
Danny is a friendly, quiet, and is a very intelligent dog and enjoys the company of people and dogs of all sizes.
He will make a great companion and a real friend for any sized family!
Danny and Teddy are such good boys!
Clover Run Rescue Danny and Teddy Now
They were such good boys last night. They slept on these little mats all night, from about 10pm until 7:30 this morning.
They are doing fabulous!

The only reason they weren't adopted sooner is because they were just waiting for us!

Thanks so much,
Megan aka Meg
Clover Run Rescue Meg Then Clover Run Rescue Megan Now

Meg came from a neglect case.
This means she was not taken care of properly. She was filthy when she arrived to the shelter.
We brought her home and gave her a trim. I didn't believe she was a schnauzer until she lost some of her matted hair.
Meg is 3 yrs old and weighs 10 lbs...
  Hi there!
I just wanted to give you an update on Megan (Meg). She is doing absolutely wonderfully well! She has come out of her shell and LOVES to play. She has gained some weight and looks so great (I included a BUNCH of pictures). Thank you for bringing such a wonderful pup into my life!

Kindest Regards,
Megan and her new family!
Clover Run Rescue New Megan
Clover Run Rescue Megan And Her Friends
Clover Run Rescue Riley Then Clover Run Rescue Riley Now

Riley is simply gorgeous, isn't he?

This little bijou is 2 years old Mix of two highly desired breeds - Yorkie and Westie (West Highland White Terrier).
He has an unbelievable soft and shiny silky coat.

Riley was left at the killer shelter without any reason. We were able to rescue him just in time. Now it is his turn to find a permanent loving home.

At first Riley was in really bad condition - his hair was severely matted and he was very scared and shy. But being around people and other dogs transformed Riley into a completely different creature...
Update on Riley:
Here is a picture of Riley after his grooming. He is such a wonderful little guy and has become part of the family so quickly. He and Clyde have already formed a bond of brothers, looking out for each other.
He has already put on a pound and our vet is recommending that he should gain at least another pound. As much as he is eating, he should have no problem gaining more weight.
We found out one thing though... he is a runner and boy is he fast. He got out of my sister's house and ran for two blocks with me chasing him. Luckily, a neighbor was out in her yard and Riley went over to check her out. No going out now unless the leash is attached to his harness!!!
From Underdog to Wonderdog! Bella
Clover Run Rescue Bella Then Bella is a charming pure breed Poodle; well maybe right now she doesn't look that charming. But, please don't jump to conclusion at the first moment of looking at her pictures. Right now she is not in her best shape. She was taken from an owner that hadn't taken good care of her coat. It was really overgrown and matted. So, we had to shave Bella almost completely. But give her some time and you will be able to recognize what a real beauty Bella will become. Even right now you can tell how great and luxurious her coat will be by looking at her ears and head. And Bella is not just good looking. She is from the "legally blonde" type - killer appearance combined with sharp intelligence...
Now - Real Bella Clover Run Rescue Bella Now
Legally Blonde
Clover Run Rescue Bella
Clover Run Rescue Bella2
Moonshadow Clooney aka Shade
Clover Run Rescue Shade Then Clover Run Rescue Moonshadow Clooney Now
Shade is a 4 mos. old lab mix.
He was abandoned on a dirt road.
Shade is a happy boy.
Shade is looking for a great family.
He is very sweet, and smart.
He likes being petted and getting lots of attention. Please email for an application....

Hi Kathy, We wanted to pass on some very festive St. Patrick's Day wishes to you and all of Clover Run from Moonshadow Clooney (formerly "Shade")! Even though we've only had him with us two months, we already can't imagine our lives without him.
Moonshadow Clooney Celebrates St. Patrick's Day We love him very, very much (and we think he's pretty fond of us too). The best word we can think of to describe him is "perfect." He's so playful, sweet, smart, and loving! He seems to get along with practically everyone he meets (two-legged and four-legged) and we're always receiving compliments on what a wonderful dog he is. We decided to call him "Moonshadow," after the Cat Stevens song, because he's so playful (and always seems to be "leaping and hopping") and we chose "Clooney" as his middle name after George Clooney (because we think he is very dashing with his tuxedo coloring and salt and pepper hair). We can't thank you, Jessica, and everyone else at Clover Run enough for rescuing Moonshadow and giving him such wonderful care while he was with you. It's hard to believe that he took so long to be adopted, but we are so grateful he was there waiting for us when we came in to adopt a dog. He's truly a very kind soul and we know that's partly because you all treated him with such kindness. We've attached some pictures of Moonshadow getting in the spirit for St. Patrick's Day (which we'll post on your Facebook as well). Being "Clover Run," we thought you'd especially enjoy them! Theresa & Joe
Clover Run Rescue Gabby Then Clover Run Rescue Gabby Now
Gabby is a shy, but extremely friendly girl who loves to be petted. She is a Terrier mix about 1 year old. She was abandoned at a shelter without any explanation. And this made her shy and a little insecure about what is going on. But, given time she will blossom into a great family member.
Gabby is extremely friendly, nice and calm dog. She is okay with other dogs and likes kids. And she sure loves to sit in your lap…
Just sending a few pictures of Gabby - we got her from you guys about three years ago and love her dearly! Have referred lots of folks your way so they can get a loving pet from you. She is in great health and gets compliments on the great shape her teeth are always in.
Hope all is going well at the shelter. Thanks for all that you do for the babies!

Kelli M.
Cuddle Bug Gizmo Now
Clover Run Rescue Gabby and Her Friend
Gabby Camping
Clover Run Rescue Gabby Camping
Hungry Gabby
Clover Run Rescue Hungry Gabby
Clover Run Rescue Leo Then Clover Run Rescue Leo Now

Leo is a purebred Shih Tzu who somehow ended up in the animal shelter.
Leo was unclaimed so he is now homeless. We rescued him and he is so happy.
Leo gets along with other dogs and his tail never stops wagging. He is a year old and weighs 10 lbs....
Leo is sleeping with his sister Nikki.
Leo is on the white pillow. Leo is a love who fits right in.
We can't imagine a time when he wasn't with us. We are so happy I stumbled into the adoption event that day.
Mateo aka Rubi
Clover Run Rescue Mateo aka Rubi Now
love our new baby puppy his name was Rubi but now is Mateo.
He brought us love and happiness.
His daddy Jaime and me ( his mommy ) Sandra are now a happy family all thank you to clover run rescue
God bless you!!
Sassy - the Ballerina
Clover Run Rescue Sassy

When you first see Sassy, you will notice her big begging eyes. This sweet 2 years old Chihuahua girl was left by her owners. They simply moved away and left Sassy alone locked in the house. Definitely locked without any food or water Sassy was facing a terrible and painful death. Can you imagine the suffering this dog went through? Luckily for Sassy the landlord called the authorities and let animal control in to get her. Sassy was rescued in time. When Sassy first came to us she was frightening skinny and malnourished. And she was very scared and shy. But who wouldn't be, considering the ordeal she went throug...
My husband and I are now the proud parents of "Sassy"!
She is an absolute joy to have in our home. We have another small dog who is seven years old but even she is taking a liking to Sassy!

Love Love Love her...

Clover Run Rescue alumni: classes 09 (Lady/Lulu), 12 (Simon as himself), and 13 (Sydnee/Sadie)
Clover Run Rescue Lulu Then Clover Run Rescue Simon Then
 Clover Run Rescue Sydnee Then

Dear Kathy and Tom,
Thought you'd like to see a Cloverrun class reunion: classes 09 (Lady/Lulu),
12 (Simon as himself), and 13 (Sydnee/Sadie).
Thanks for all you do.
Clover Run Rescue Class Reunion 2013
Clover Run Rescue Bruce and His Dogs
Bailey (aka Beamer) and Oscar
Clover Run Rescue Beamer Then Clover Run Rescue Oscar Then
Thought you would want to know that Oscar and Beamer (now Bailey) have a great life on St. Simons and as you can see are best buddies.
Bailey and Oscar are Best Buddies
Clover Run Rescue Bailey and Oscar
ZuZu Petunia aka Lada (Cleo)
and Vegas aka Meerkat
Baby ZuZu Petunia aka Lada
Clover Run Rescue Lada Then
Vegas aka Meerkat
Clover Run Rescue Meerkat Then
Hard to believe I got ZuZu a year ago next weekend. She and Vegas have really changed my life like I would have NEVER expected. They truly are my babies!
We hope to see you soon; God bless you;
With love,
P, Vegas, and ZuZu
Mom Patricia and baby ZuZu
Clover Run Rescue Patricia and ZuZu
Clover Run Rescue loves to hear about all your happy endings and to share them!
If you would like, please, send us your Happy Tails
at cloverrunrescue@windstream.net and we will show them on this page.

Thank you, very much for adopting a pet!